Monday, June 22, 2009

Jay martins out with new single

Not many people know this singer and producer’s last album title but everybody knows the well-famed ‘Good or Bad’. The song brought the smooth- talking singer into music mainstream with its beautiful hook, chorus and particularly rhymes amplified by Timaya’s unique delivery.

Now the East-side singer who’s since relocated to Lagos is out with a new single titled
‘Oyoyo’. The song currently making the rounds on the internet will be released on the airwaves soon. .

The Good or Bad video gained popularity gained popularity with the appearance of P-square, 2Shotz and Timaya apart from the singer himself.

Kennis rocks Nigeria with biggest reality show

Nigerian television ‘Centage Superstar’, the music talent show, is here. The reality television show, themed around the search for a fresh Nigerian music superstar who will represent the Nigerian music scene and Nigeria as a whole inside and outside the country, is being put together by Centage Savings and Loans Limited (Mortgage bankers) with Kennis Music, Nigeria’s big music label.

The finance bank whose strong point includes a dynamic board comprising some ex- directors of the Central Bank of Nigeria has teamed up with Kennis Music to discover the best artiste in the country through a chain of nation- wide auditions.

The eventual winner is expected to go home with a brand new Toyota Prado Jeep worth N7m, N2m cash and a N10m deal with Kennis.

“What can we say? Our interest is making the Nigerian music industry boom. So when the responsibility is vested in us to see to it that we groom and nurture new acts, it actually means that we are recognised in and outside the industry as one of a pathfinder and credible actor in the Nigerian music scene,” Kenny Ogungbe said.

Kennis Music founded by Kenny Ogungbe since inception signed acts like The Remedies, KSB, Lagbaja, OJB, 2face, Marvelous Benjy, Azadus, Sound Sultan, Baba Dee to mention a few.

The basic objective of the Centage superstar is said to be to discover and promote young music Nigerian superstars. Every winner that emerges from each region goes back home with N1m, and an opportunity to represent his/her region in the grand finale in March 2010.

The second prize is a Toyota Corolla and N1m, while the third position goes home with N500, 000 and a yet-to-be announced consolation prize. “It is the first time in the history of Nigeria that this will be happening,” the organisers told news men in Lagos on Friday.

Also at stake for the contestants and member of the public is a house located in Abuja.
Meanwhile, the official launch for the show held on Friday, June 12, 2008 at the Civic centre, and the forms are being sold in all UBA, Intercontental and Centage branches across the country for N3, 000.

The launch event was hosted by Basorge Tariah Junior

Kel debuts @ last

Capital Hill rapper Kel tells anyone who cares to know that she is not in the Nigerian music industry to be a flash in the pan.

And unlike her other female counterparts, since her debut on Ill Bliss’ 2007 hit single ‘You go wound’, the rapper has been permanently in our faces. Having topped the charts with her hit debut single ‘Waa wa alright’ in 2008, the sultry rapper is finally ready to drop her full body of work.

The 19 tracker -‘The Investment’ hits the stores on Monday June 22, 2009. It features contributions from Shank, Darey, MI, SLK, Tha suspect, Ill bliss and Jesse Jags. A video from the Tee- Y mix- produced track ‘Too fine’ was shot in Lagos , Nigeria recently with director Clarence Peters who also owns Kel’s label.

“To me, the investment is about strength and perseverance, “ explains the sexy rapper ‘Things can go from bad to worst; people can say stuffs like she’s not going to last and all that, but they don’t really know the time, money and strength, sweat, tears, blood and sacrifice myself and my team have invested into making this album a reality.”

According to her manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe “The album is long over due, it’s about that time. I think Kel has paid her dues. The investment tells a story of aspiration, it’s a reflection of passion and sacrifice.” She continues: “It shows how we can aspire and against all odds, achieve our dreams. Kel has paid her dues, and she is still doing that now. But we take it as an investment, but when the time comes, the dividends will show.”

Over the past years, the rapper’s star has continued to rise. She has received both commercial and critical acclaim and has established herself as one of the fastest rising talents in Nigeria ’s thriving hip hop industry. And she’s quickly strolling to the top, getting ready to become a big star in her own right.

The 23 years old’s 2008 hit single, ‘ Waa Wa alright’ earned two nominations at the 2009 Hiphopworld awards and has topped charts within and outside the country.

2Face is 10

Nigeria's leading R&B singer, 2Face Idibia will celebrate a decade in the music industry this weekend, June 20, at Abuja's THISDAY Dome.

According to a member of the organizing team, the show will feature guest performances from his old group mates, Blackface and Faze and will double as a fundraiser for charity. Other artists expected include funny man Ali Baba, MI, D'Banj, Sound Sultan, and Darey. The event is also expected to be graced by the immediate past governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, the Senate President, David Mark, and other dignitaries.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ikechukwu leaves Storm for Mo Hits.

This is not mere rumours now as Ikechukwu is confirmed to have moved from Storm Records to MoHits Records.It is very surprising as he just released an album under the Obi Asika’s Storm Record label a couple of weeks ago - Killz zone.

Killz, as he is called was reported to have mentioned that decision to leave Storm (records) was mutual and both parties came to a common ground on the decision. Talk about Don Jazzy definitely growing from a producer into a label executive.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A quick word with D’jinee

Lade’ singer Djinee is keeping fans on their toes as they wait for his debut album to be finally released. X2 caught up with him at the Hip Hop World Award’s theme song video shoot.

Q: What’s happening?

A: I’m still working and trying to do all I have to do to keep music alive and enjoy the job and fulfil my passion for what we were brought to this earth to do.

Q: When is the debut album due?

A: Very soon; by the end of May, perhaps. It is going to be good. It’s for timeless music, because that’s what I work for. The album will feature a couple of friends and colleagues. I’ve got MI, Jesse Jagz, Cobhams, Rhymzo and other seasoned musicians.

Q: Any record label matters?

A: I’m an independent artiste and I love to handle my projects by myself. I’ve got an excellent management team on board, and a wonderful distribution team. It’s going to be lovely, I don’t see the negativity in things. I believe it’s just a challenge I need to pull through and I will pull through. Certainly.

Tell us about your Hip Hop World Awards nominations: (Next Rated, ‘Lade’ and Best Rap Music, ‘Safe’ MI featuring D’Jinee)

If people vote for good music, I think I should win. But it’s not about winning alone; it’s also about people recognising good music. Music is more than what we are seeing right now and if you look at the longevity of music, you should be leaning towards my side.

I’ve been here for a while and I’ve released three singles in different time frames and they have been a hit so you can be certain that if I release one in two years time it’s still going to be. I’m a song writer, a complete musician, I’m not afraid of anything; I just want to enjoy the awards...Abidemi Dairo for 234Next

Actress Sandra Achums-thomas pops third baby in Germany!

Beautiful Sandra has done it again..she popped her third baby on sunday june 7,2009 in a nurnberg hospital in germany.mother and daughter are in good health and have since been discharged from the hospital.

Sandra and hubby tony previuosly have a son and a daughter and the couple are celebrating this new additon with family and friends worldwide.

Heres wishing this actress all the best as she weans her baby...motherhood is easy at all especially for mothers in the diaspora!..heres wishing her the grace that only comes from God!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Soundcity can't pay me now —Deji Falope

He was the face and the voice that thrilled viewers of entertainment station, Soundcity before he left under unclear circumstances but Deji Falope profile seems to be soaring since he chose to call it quits with Soundcity. With juicy jobs like being the anchor person of the Dance competitive show, Malta Guinness Street Dance and also being paid to produce content in his new place of employment, Deji says he is just getting warmed up. In this chat, he opens up on how he has been able to handle the tide after he quit Soundcity.

Life after Soundcity.
I looked at show business, particularly the business side, which I took out time to understand and packaged a quality concept for the Nigerian viewing and listening audience. Right now, people watch just about any programme on TV and we don't have TV addicts anymore because there are little or no quality and creative programmes. This is probably why some people outside the country do not have regard for our content. If you notice when programmes are taken to DSTV or any cable channel, they reject them or complain about the quality. But if the same programme is coming from America or even Dubai, they are not bothered about the quality and the only thing they worry over is if it fits into the African society or how to make it fit. As a businessman and an entertainer, I decided to go back to the books and bring out creative and quality programmes that would wow the audience. That's what I have been doing.

Reason for leaving Soundcity.
I have to put the record straight here. I left Soundcity because I wasn't getting what I deserved. I was earning my basic salary and wasn't given any percentage for the concept and ideas that I developed and this was contrary to the agreement and terms that we had when I got the job. I was not happy but I was consistent in what I was doing because I was learning more and improving my abilities while my talent grew. I was the only one that wasn't sacked when all the other VJs were sacked at a point. If you remember, I was combining some other Vjs' work with mine. I worked for two years all round without repeating my programmes and Tajudeen Adepetu (the boss at Soundcity) loved me for it. Many thought I couldn't leave because they felt I was somehow tied to Soundcity. When I couldn't take it anymore, I simply quit. I was certain of what I was going to do though. I met with some creative and wonderful personalities, who got me working at BatesCosse a few months after I left Soundcity.

Job right now
What I do is a contract job but when I have something to deliver, I do that on time and it with all my heart. You'd find out that if you are into creativity, you'd not want to be bound by rules, so, I couldn't be a regular nine to five guy because I won't be able to think. My card says concept development and business management. I work with a couple of teams. I work with the media team and other teams to develop TV concepts like Idols West Africa. I also work with another department to develop strategy. Because of the economic crises, a lot of people have slashed their budget, so what we do here is give you twice the value for half the budget. This is basically what I do but it is teamwork that involves everybody at BatesCosse. I was employed because I specialise in providing TV, radio and experiential material.

Challenges after Soundcity
It was quite challenging when I left Soundcity, but I can confidently tell you that Soundcity can't afford to pay me right now. I have my own apartment now on Opebi and it sure cost a lot! All I'm going to tell you is that life after Soundcity is fantastic because the house affords me the comfort to think better and be more creative.

Assessment of the Nigerian entertainment scene
For me, I would say the entertainment industry is growing so fast and many people are not only becoming smart but have started waking up to the business side of the industry. But there is still a large gap between getting quality and just doing a job. I think the problem we have is the monopoly of some aspect of the industry. We have a substantial amount of people who have good ideas but have no way to execute them.

Raising the standards
That is what I am trying to say; I am doing all I can to bridge that gap between the people who can project the ideas and the originator of the ideas. If you have got any ideas, meet me and let's talk about it. What I would do basically is create an avenue and meeting between those that have the ideas and the premium investors.

I would be involved in a lot of partnerships first and I have been talking to a lot of people. I'm sure I would make money but I intend to sustain that wealth and as such, I would go into partnership with other people while I produce qualitative and innovative concepts for the listening and viewing audience.

What is the source of the energy you seem to exude always?
I don't know. Actually, I'm trying to think about it now but I can't just place it. I don't smoke or do anything like that. The love for what I do really urges me to do more and be different at all times.

On the road with Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa Yes, I travel when the need arises like we did for Malta Guinness Street Dance Africa and I am always very busy, thinking and getting ideas from the youths around. My wife is present in most of the cities I travel to and in cities where she wouldn't be; it won't be that hard being myself.

I am engaged at the moment to a beautiful and loving lady. I would start by saying this, a certain lady sent me a text some days back telling me that she's 21 and likes me a lot and would want me to deflower her. It's sometimes absurd with ladies. I appreciate and love them as people who appreciate my creativity and talent as regards what they see on TV and listen to on radio and eventually we became friends. But this text is just not it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I combine singing with music production –Terry G

Call him Mr bling bling or Ginja Ginja as many of his fans know him, fast-rising hip hop musician, Gabriel Oche Amanyi a.k.a Terry G within a short spell has made himself a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Among the teeming numbers of young hip hop musicians in Nigeria today, Terry G belongs to the exclusive few like Paul Play Dairo and OJB Jeezrel who have effectively distinguished themselves combining the roles of a songwriter, music producer and music performer.

Since he caught public attention a few years back with his hit single Love You Sexy, a classic dance-hall beat, the music has become a source of inspiration to most producers.
This has also made him one of the most sought after producers with an impressive credit including production of popular songs such as Incase You Never (by 2Shotz), Aye Po Gan (by Ill Bliss) as well as a number of songs in Gift and Grace (Timaya) among others.

A talented producer, songwriter and musician, Terry G’s work is characterized by deep lyrics, distinctive keyboard sounds and a creative signature jingle.

Terry believes that his proposed album and a new video entitled Free Madness would surely establish him as a major musical force among music marketers in the popular Alaba international market.
For the young man who was once a back up vocal singer for Faze, he said “Music is my salvation and the only way for me to gain financial success’’.

But quite puzzling is the video of his hit single Love you sexy which never made it to MTV BASE. He recalled the challenges he faced while shooting the video, saying “We stayed for over a month in South Africa due to financial constraints, a video shoot that would have ordinarily taken one week. As to why the single was not shown on MTV, I cannot fathom, we did our homework, our usual promos, yet it was not aired but then it is not an issue for me’’.

Since then, Terry has proved that he can really sing and not a voice over like most up-coming artists are, he is what the great old-timers would describe as a complete musician, Yes he plays keyboards, guitar and he is a songwriter and producer.

Like most accomplished musicians like R.Kelly, Terry was born into music. His mother who was a choir mistress influenced him to become a chorister and he performed in many church concerts as a solo artiste. But he explained why he ventured into secular music, “it was a decision that was solely based on survival. I discovered that gospel music could not guarantee the type of financial status I wanted. However, I have not totally relinquished the idea to release a gospel album.”

Born to a humble family of Deacon and Deaconess Amanyi, Terry G is the first child of four kids. He hailed from Idoma in Benue state, the same state where Afro pop star Tuface Idibia hailed from.
He also dispels rumours that he smokes Indian hemp, describing the substance in his songs as an act, an illusion that is part of a script. Similarly, his appearance is also part of the strategy to identify with the youths.

His words “ Most of our famous artistes also had to go through the streets before becoming popular, with time I would probably metamorphosis into something better it is all a process’’.

This serious minded young man who is quite focused has been embroiled in some controversies over his very recent productions with another artist who goes by the name he simply states “He ( will always be my boy, one thing in life is this, you should always be grateful to whoever God has used to bless your life and moreover a song cannot last forever.’’

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Entertainment icons in the last 10years

Music Industry

Bankole Wellington

Also called Banky W whose arrival in the country after his stay in the U.S with the song Ebutte Metta got him an immediate fan base has become a name to be reckoned with in the industry with his recent winning of Best Male Vocal performance for the song ‘Don’t Break My Heart’.

NaetoChukwu Chikwe

Naeto C has also gotten quite a following with his song Kini Big Deal and as if that is not enough he has won both the MAMAs and most recently best rap single at the Hip Hop awards.


Undoubtedly one of those who have also become a force in the industry is the man otherwise called the Koko Master, D’banj. He has become a musician whose name on the list of performers at a show gets you a large crowd.

Right now he has become the hottest bachelor in the industry and by June a reality show to get him the ideal woman, Koko Mansion will kick off.


Looking at the entertainment industry in the last ten years one cannot fail to mention the Gongo Aso exponent 9ice who came into the music scene after years of doing back up vocal for Ruggedman and got himself a large fan base. He has proved that he is not just a one track artiste with songs like Street Credibility, I’m a bachelor etc.


The duo of Peter and Paul known as P-Square came into the entertainment industry years ago with the song Busy Body and since then it has been one success to another with a trail of awards following the most recent being the best music video for Roll it at the Hip Hop awards.

Tu Face

When he left the Plantashion Boyz and decided to go solo Tu Face Idibia released his first single African Queen and that got him the best African Act award at the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards. From then on he became a name on the lips of many in the music industry. While celebrating the award he released his second album Grass to Grace and most recently Enter the Place.


When she left the shores of this country to make a mark outside the country many did not think she will be this big. Today all over the world she has become a name that many cannot but fail to acknowledge. Her songs Jailer, No One Knows Tomorrow, There is fire on the mountain have fixed her on the world map musically.

Ty Bello

She was a member of the KUSH girls before they decided to go solo. After years of trying to make it outside music she came out with the song Greenland which won her an award at the Soundcity Music Video awards. Her music is being played both on MTV Base and One Gospel music channels.

Movie industry:

Richard Mofe-Damijo

He came into the industry years ago and become the toast of all the ladies. RMD as he is called can rightly be described as the golden boy of Nollywood who has refused to allow the influx of the younger generation to affect his importance in the industry. Recognizing his efforts the Delta State government made him the commissioner for Culture and Tourism.

There is no doubt that he wears a lot of caps and knows how to handle all his different positions.

Stella Damasus-Nzeribe

Formerly Stella Damasus-Aboderin, this Delta born actress is an actress that knows her onions in the movie industry. Many have had to call her the screen goddess with her dexterity of roles. She proved herself as one who could handle herself under grieve with her strength of character exhibited when she lost her husband and became a widow. Now she has shed her widow garb and gotten unto the marriage mat again.

Kate Henshaw-Nuttal

Her debut into the movie industry with the movie When the Sun Sets got her a permanent place in the industry and today she is one actress that many love seeing on their TV screens. Her role interpretation got her an AMMA as best actress 2008 for her role in the comedy Stronger than Pain.

Currently Kate is the ambassador of Onga, producers of Onga seasoning.

Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Her first stint in acting came with the movie Mortal Inheritance and since then she is like the biblical servant that put his hand in the plough and did not look back. She has grown to become a force in the industry, making a name for herself even with the presence of the young actresses. She has many awards in her kitty and has a figure to die for.

Ini Edo

She is called Nollywood bad girl with the various scandals that have trailed her debut and growth in the movie industry. From rumours of being in a relationship with many men and dressing outrageously, being banned by the Actors Guild of Nigeria she became very popular.

Her good interpretation of roles has made her the lady of many men’s heart though one man recently stole her heart and married her making her become Mrs. Ini Phillip Ehiagwam.

Eucharia Anunobi

It all started with her role as Zack Orji’s girlfriend in the movie Glamour Girls and before many knew it she became a star actress. Her dexterity in the English language, her interpretation of roles made her loved by many. Many wondered when she will leave single hood and as such were happy when she got married to Mr. Charles Ekwu, the marriage was however short lived and he just upped and left her with a son.

Today she is a single mother who says she is ready to give another go at love and marriage.

Patience Ozorkwo

Known as the wicked mother-in-law or mother, Patience otherwise called Mama G is one actress that many will love to hate but can’t because even as she interpreters her wicked roles well she makes her fans and movie watchers want to kill her as she makes her acting very true to life.

A widow, Patience has a son who is making the country proud playing football internationally and for her being a single mother after her husband’s death had been challenging but her determination saw her through it all.

Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme

Aki and Pawpaw is what many will readily know these two actors as because of the pranks they played on their father, mother and neighbors in the movie Aki and Pawpaw. After their debut in that movie they got other roles still showing their pranks and even got many wondering whether they were men or boys. A question that they immediately tried to answer with granting of interviews saying they are graduates.

They have become a brand in the industry and have proved that there is place for any body with talent be you small in stature or big.

Nkem Owoh

Very funny and one who is always ready to make you laugh, Nkem Owoh redefined movie comedy and made it part of mainstream movies. Today he is judged one of the best actors evident in his winning the best actor award at the 2008 AMMA.

Comedy industry:

Opa Williams

His Night of a Thousand Laughs was the perfect place for budding talents in comedy to discover themselves. He created a platform for many to see the talents in the young aspiring comedians as well as help the comedians build their confidence before a crowd. Today many comedians who have become big names in the industry all had their first show on the stage on Night of a Thousand Laughs.

There is no way the history of the comedy industry will be mentioned without mentioning Opa Williams.

Ali Baba

He is rightly described as the father of comedy in Nigeria. When he started comedy, he made comedy become an industry that many young men wanted to be part of. Being able to crack jokes before the government only made possible because of the democratic dispensation made him become a name that pone must have on their guest list for any event.

Many comedians will say they got the tutelage from him because he gradually made many realize that the comedy industry is not for near-do-wells as it was thought to be before.

Gbenga Adeyinka, the 1st

Gbenga is one comedian who refused to see comedy as just an industry that can be placed down. As a result of the government not recognizing comedians when he started he coined the name Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st, CFR (Comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria).

Not only is he associated with being the first comedian to think of comedians being given titles, he is the first comedian to start a comedy show on TV called Laugh Matters which has now become a monthly publication sold in and outside the country.

Julius Agwu

Julius Agwu is one comedian that has loved to make people laugh for a very long time from his university days and decided to do it professionally after getting in contact with Opa Williams.

He started music comedy with the song Show your handwork which immediately got him a good following. Today his comedy shows Laugh for Christ’s Sake and Crack Your Ribs have become popular brands that has gotten him to many places within and outside the country resulting in Crack Your Ribs show in London.

Me, break up with my wife? Never! – Comedian AY

When Mabel, wife of popular comedian, AY called from an embassy last week pointing out to his husband how a celebrity magazine had written that both have split, he was shocked and short of words.

Narrating his experience to Blockbuster, AY said his wife had phoned him saying: “Honey, somebody just showed me something here. It’s a magazine and they say we are separated.’ I was actually baffled to hear that; I didn’t know what to do because I really don’t see any reason anybody will just go ahead and publish that kind of story.”

But the talented and award-winning comedian knew what to do. The following day, he took his case to his radio programme, which runs every Friday morning on Rhythm 93.7 FM. “Listeners were angry and they were even suggesting I sue the medium…but I’m not out for that.”

This is what AY is out for – to say his side of the spiteful break-up tale.

“Although the editor of the magazine that published the story called me and said it was a photographer from the office who noticed that Mabel and I were not sitting together at Black & White Ball, organized by another magazine – Encomium. According to the editor, the photographer said I was sitting on one table and my wife was sitting on another table, which is not true. I sat on the same table with my wife, Chidi Mokeme and Ayo Animashahun, So, I wonder where the story is coming from.

“Even at that, if we decided to go to another person’s table, what is the person’s business? The only time I can remember going to another table was when Mabel and I went to see the wife of Lagos State governor. She sent a gift to us during our wedding and because of protocol we’ve not been able to see her, it was my wife and I that went to greet her and it was at the same event that somebody wrote that we are separated. That’s not fair.”

In conclusion, AY says, “I have a lovely wife, I have a family, I have a lovely daughter, and I don’t want anybody to start coming in between us at this early stage of our marriage. We are barely a year old in holy matrimony, aside the traditional wedding. I just want all of that to be corrected.”.. Daily Sun

Ruggedman to Mode9; you are frustrated

The end may not have been heard of the feud between rap artistes, Ruggedman and Mode 9 as they are still engaged in a battle of supremacy over who is the best Nigerian rap artiste.

Recently, Ruggedman came out smoking with an accusation that Mode9 has nothing to show after releasing four albums while he (Ruggedman) admires his cars every time he steps out of his apartment with a glass of white wine in hand. He went on to say that the attack on him by Mode 9 shows that he is just a frustrated human being.
“MI came out with his first album and bought a car; 9ice came out and he has cars but Mode 9 has had about four albums with nothing to show for it,” he said.

The biff between the two raps artistes has been going on for quite a while has led them to throwing lyrical punches at each other in their respective albums.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Koko Mansion Goes To France

When Koko Mansion, a television reality show facilitated by HiTV Nigeria, finally begins, viewers in France and Nigeria’s next door neighbour, Ghana as well as other African countries, will have the opportunity of watching it.

This is going to be made possible because HiTV, the wholly Nigerian pay television company, is among other African channels currently on the French IPTV operator free, which has introduced a new range of African channels on its platform.

Being the first group brought together in the African premium bouquet, it was developed in cooperation with Thema and comprises nine public and commercial channels from a variety of African nations: two from Senegal (RTS and 2STV), three from Cameroon, (CRTV, STV2 and Canal 2), the national public channel of Côte d’Ivoire (RTI), the public channel of the Mali (ORTM), the public channel of the Congo (Tele Congo) and the pan-African channel Africable. HiTV is available free as a la carte service.

Freebasic TV subscribers can in addition receive the pan-African news and information channel, Voxafrica.

Also in Ghana, a deal has been signed between HiTV and Skyy Media for the distribution of HiTV’s flagship channels, Hi-Nolly and Nigezie on its platform.

Its founder and chief executive director, Mr. Toyin Subair, said HiTV is pleased about this development “especially in light of its new TV reality show featuring D’banj tagged Koko Mansion, supported by Nigerian Breweries Plc, Jagal Group, that is billed to come up soon on our platform. The implication of this is that viewers in Africa and Europe will get to see Koko Mansion live as events unfold in the quest of searching for the ideal Kokolette (woman). We are happy that in just two years, HiTV is moving ahead on a difficult turf such as the pay television’s.”

Subair said the arrival of HiNolly and Nigezie in France and Ghana, shows that HiTV is leading the pack in showcasing Nigeria’s culture in the area of movie and music. “It is time to take Nigeria’s culture to the outside world, we want the world to know more about us in this period that we are rebranding as a nation. So, what HiTV is doing is complimenting the Federal Government’s efforts aimed at rebranding our nation.”

HiTV’s Public Relations Manager, Justin Akpovi-Esade, said the pay TV company was satisfied with the response from potential Kokolettes. “The response so far has been impressive, but this phase is gradually coming to an end.”

The show is scheduled to hold in a couple of weeks.

D’Banj & HiTV Present ‘Koko Mansion’

D’Banj is setting the pace once again with his new reality show ‘Koko Mansion’. Koko Mansion is a reality TV show Exclusively aired on HiTV beginning on the 1st of June. It comprises 12 girls who will reside in a state-of –the-art mansion in Lagos City, while living lavishly as any Kokolette should. During these weeks

, the young women will be groomed and tested in various Diva tasks and activities in order to determine the one with the greatest Koko Virtues.
Don’t get it twisted! A Kokolette is a “Fully endowed woman with intellectual property” likened to the high achieving Nigerian women of today.
The show will exclusively portray the true lifestyle of the principal Character – D’Banj as a celebrity with a lot of razzmatazz.
The Kokolette who emerges as the winner will win:
• A Chris Aires Diamond ring,
• A brand new convertible car and N5million
• Most importantly, the winner will be D’Banjs Kokolette for one full year and will be his companion at public events both within and outside Nigeria.
The Press conference held on April 17, 2009 at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, announced the official launch date of the Koko Mansion going on air, 1st of June, 2009.
Watch this space to find out once avenues to register have been opened!
In the meantime, get your HiTV decorder!! Visit the website – HiTV.COM.NG and those in the UK, no fear you can catch the Koko Mansion on the HiTV Channel on Sky Channel 204!

Muma Gee extends her horizon

Muma Gee, the weirdly dressed pop star has added another feather to her cap. The funnily dressed musician has started her personal clothing line called “Mgee”. But there is a sub-text to her story.

The belief in some quarters is that the musician may have ventured into fashion due to her inability to properly position herself in the competitive music industry and some have wondered whether her clothing line will reflect her erratic fashion.

Muma Gee, who is also making appearances in Nollywood movies, however believes that this new achievement will raise her profile in the music industry.

In a related development, the repackaged African pop star recently described her coral beads as the most prized of her fashion items.

“I do not joke with coral beads and I have one worth some money,” she quipped.

Kimono, Wiliki, Rice, others jam for Majek Fashek

In what many have described as the best ever assemble of reggae musicians in the history of the Nigerian music scene, AY Gardens, the Ogba located entertainment spot, comes alive today as friends of troubled musician, Majek Fashek, rally support for his proposed return to the United States of America.

Leading the pack is returnee America based Ras Kimono, Black O’ Rice (a former band mate of the man popularly known as the Rainmaker), Oritz Wiliki, Amos Macroy Jegg (another former mate of Majek), Righteousman and King Wadada. Others include Rhymzo, Princess Amira and several other unlisted reggae musicians.

The show, put together by US Production, in conjunction with AY Hotels, and AY Gardens, is expected to help raise funds for the Osun State born musician who has been in the country for sometime.

Speaking to a select audience of entertainment writers during the week, Black O’Rice, a former band mate of

Majek (during their Jahstix era) said, “We decided to come to the rescue of our brother, Majek, who has been signed on by his international manager to honour, amongst other shows, the Reggae on the River concert, which is one of the biggest music concerts in the world.

The manager had expressed concern over what he described as Majek’s unstable health condition. But we want to use this concert to assure Majek’s fans that the man the world has come to know as the Rainmaker is alright and ready to explode. The Reggae on the River concert is expected to hold in California in July.

Apart from the concert taking place today, the Edo State government has also expressed its support for Majek and has promised to do everything within its power to ensure that Majek returns to honour his concert dates in the United States”, Rice added.

I made Damasus, Okereke stars — Emem Isong

When she walked out of the banking hall into the movie world in the 90s, Emem Isong had a clear Emem Isong of what she wanted to achieve.
One of her achievements was discovering talents. Today, her name is synonymous with three things: discovering talents, producing well-thought out movies and script writing.

Discovering talents, according to her, gives her a sense of fulfillment and joy that transcends human imagination. She started her career in 1994, and excelled in writing and producing movies. With provoking and thrilling plots, Emem has earned her place in Nollywood, not only as one of the best screenplay writers in the country, but also, as one who has discovered some of the big names in the movie industry today.

As an icon to reckon with when it comes to movie making, Emem, to her credit discovered the likes of Dakore Egbuson, Stella Damascus, Stephanie Okereke, to mention but a few. These big names today are not only hot, they are among the most sought after actresses the industry is proud of.

Ironically, despite discovering talents and earning herself the appellation, “ A Queen-Mother of the Screen”, this banker-turned-movie maker was quick to declare she did not possess the flair for acting. Rather, according to her, “I have always liked to be on the managerial side of things. For some reasons, I like to create. Because I am a writer first and foremost. I like to manage people.”

Apart from being passionate about her writing as a producer, Emem has a strong desire to stay behind the camera in order to monitor what comes out of her production.

According to her, “I have realized that as a producer, you are in control, to a certain extent, of what comes out of your work. So, I am very passionate about my writing. And that’s why I decided to make a career in producing. By that way, I could be in control of what comes out of my productions. I am not an actress in the first place. And I don’t think I possess the flair for acting.

“But occasionally, I do play minor roles in my own movies. More importantly, I am good at discovering talents. Possessing the ability to uncover every individual potential when it comes to the world of make-believe. For me, I have no interest in acting. But I like to discover those who would ensure that the industry did not collapse.”

“To some extent, I disciovered some of the big names in the industry. Although Stephanie Okereke had featured in one or two movies before I met her. My movie, “Emotional Crack” helped a lot in exposing her talent to the world.

Also, I discovered the likes of Stella Damascus and Dakore Egbuson.”
Since her emergence in the movie world, Emem has written and produced well over 50 movies, some of which have won awards both nationally and internationally. She has also written about 10 movies for other producers, renowned for writing and producing highly and thrilling suspense movies.

Emem admits that her strength as a screenplay writer lies in her imitable ability to combine the rich cultural roots of the Akwa Ibom people and her degree in Theater Arts to churn out some of the best scripts that have come out of Nollywood.

A pointer to this fact is her latest star-studded flick, “Reloaded” jointly produced with top actor, Desmond Elliot, which was nominated for this year’s AMAA. The action packed movie, parading Ramsey Noah, Van Vicker, Desmond Elliot, Uche Jombo, Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, Stephanie Okereke, Monalisa Chinda, Mercy Johnson, Omoni Oboli and a host of others, has continued to enjoy rave reviews across board.

Recounting the story of her journey into the world of make-believe during an encounter with HVP few days ago, the Akwa-Ibom State born screen writer maintains that “Reloaded” remains one of her most challenging films in recent times.

“Reloaded’ according to her, was a product of discussion between herself and one of her friends which was centred on a particular incident that happened in real life.

“After that discussion, we decided to dramatise the story. That was how ‘Reloaded” came about. Most of the storylines in ‘Reloaded” are actually real. And the three writers that wrote the play would attest to that much.”

Describing her style of movie production as “paying attention to details”, Emem says, ‘’I am dramatic. I love dramatic events and I don’t want a situation where you predict what would happen next.’

‘’I also love dialogue and I pay a lot of attention to detail, as I expect the viewer to be thrilled,’’ she says, continuing: “If you watch all my movies… you would see what I am saying. For example, in ‘’Breaking Point,” “She Devil”, “A Minute To Midnight”, “Master Stroke”, “Play Boy”, “Rumours”, “Shattered Illusion”, “Promise Me Forever”, and “Emotional Crack”… not forgetting Private Sin.’’

For the Unical Theatre Arts graduate, the work of a producer is both challenging and interesting at the same time. “Sourcing for funds to produce our movies and effective distribution is part of the challenges facing every producer in Nigeria. Emem mentions, ‘’Hit And Run..” as the movie that brought her into the limelight.

“But the one that made me happiest was “Emotional Crack”, which took me to festivals outside the country, particularly the African Film Festival in New York. I was invited… and that exposed me to meet with a lot of other film-makers and some others in the film industry. That is the movie that gave me the break that I needed.’’

Emem also reveals that her first movie, “Breaking Point” was produced with only N60,000. “The magic was that I opted to use unpopular faces which paid off. That was when I discovered Stella Damascus who came in as a greenhorn and played the lead role, backed up with one or two experienced hands.”

As a producer, she is hardly satisfied with any of the films that she has made, adding that “ that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate my works.”

One of the movies she did which she admits gladdens her is ‘Critical Decision’. For some reasons, she says, “I enjoyed writing the script and also making the movie. I will not say the movie is my best movie. But I enjoyed working on that particular project.

“Also, one other movie I didn’t like doing was ‘Untouchable”. After producing that movie, I didn’t know what went wrong that prevented me from appreciating the work. There are a couple of other movies I would have loved to re-make. Sometimes, I do re-make my movies.

The “Breaking Point”, which I earlier mentioned. You wouldn’t believe that I have re-made that movie in a film I called, “Traumatised”, and nobody took notice of it.”

The irresistible producer lists good acting, speech act as part of the attributes producers always look out in any actor or actress he or she wants to feature in a movie.

In terms of her budget, she discloses it depends on the kind of film that she wants to produce at a particular time. If it’s a big budget, we are looking at N10 to N12 million. But if it’s a low budget, we are talking of N3 million to N5 million.

I pay the stars I feature in my movies handsomely. In my yet to be released movie, I’m paying some of the stars featuring in that movie as much as N1.3 million.”

Soul E to feature in Yoruba flick

Handsome Naija songster, Soul E who has been riding in some marital crisis between him and his ex wife or is it lover, Queen Ure has now jumped into movie industry like his other colleagues who have tried out their luck in the acting world.

We authoritatively gathered that, Soul E, was contacted by a certain Yoruba busty actress who is hell-bent to feature the handsome Naija most handsome artist.

The meeting between Soul E and this popular actress, we learnt, is fruitful as Soul E was said to have thrown his weight behind the project and he’s said to be fully ready to support the lady who is so much in love with his song. Hmnn! Well, we shall unveil the rest of the details to you as event unfolds.