Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BBA amplified, winners emerge July 31

The winners of the on-going Big Brother Amplified, headlined by Coca-Cola, will be named July 31, M-Net Africa has announced.

The multinational cable network said the power to award two prizes of USD200 000 each, to two winners that will emerge at the end of the continental reality show, rests in the hands of the viewers.

Meanwhile, last Monday night,Big Brother Amplified delivered yet another phenomenal twist as the Heads and Tails Houses merged.

The Heads Housemates were called into the Chat Room one by one, blindfolded, and lead into the Tails House, sparking wild scenes of celebration as the 16 remaining Housemates were reunited for the first time since the end of their first week in the game.

The Tails Housemates had spent the day wondering what Big Brother was up to, since they hadn’t been called for nominations. Then, at dinner time, the Heads Housemates were surprised when Hanni was called to the Chat Room.

Unknown to them, she was then blindfolded and led to the Glass House. After standing in the Glass House for a while, she took tentative steps towards the Tails door and when the Tails Housemates spotted her, pandemonium broke out.

With Hanni gone for several minutes, the Heads House started wondering what was going on, with Vina guessing that a twist in the game was afoot. One after the other, the Heads Housemates were led into various spots around the Tails House, with each surprise ‘delivery’ sparking enthusiastic greetings, hugs and tears.

After the merge, the excited Housemates scrambled to fill each other in on what had been happening in both Houses over the past couple of weeks. Vina was one who immediately saw the curve-ball for what it was, mumbling under her breath about how much tougher the game will be going forward.

Karen, Bernadina, Mumba and Kim set about filling everyone in on what had happened in the Tails House: from Lotus slapping Luclay and subsequently being disqualified to revealing the relationships that had grown. Stay tuned to Big Brother Amplified to catch all the drama throughout the week, 24/7, on Dstv