Friday, March 1, 2013

Tony Payne moves on without 9ice

Whoever says Tony Payne hasn’t put her crashed marriage with pop singer, 9ice behind her might be disappointed to hear that she has moved on with her life, despite the odds. 

Last week, she was spotted at the Love Jones edition of Str8 Up Hip Hop, a show organized by Now Musik. Adorned in an extremely mini gown, ex Mrs 9ice, shows up looking radiant and full of smiles. And guess what? She didn’t come alone. The mother of one who made herself taller on a six inches heels, was led into the hall by a smashing young man who obviously accompanied her to the event. 

Tony strolled into the event venue minutes after the show had rolled by, and heads couldn’t help but turned to admire the woman who once held 9ice spell bound. Obviously not minding what 9ice does with his life as she also has hers to live, she was ushered into the V.I.P corner, a platform just above the cheering crowd.

Tony who says she hopes to remarry soon, looked ravishing while the event lasted, as she was even called up to anchor some items on the programme.

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