Saturday, October 17, 2009

Danger disappoints P-Square

The duo of Peter and Paul Okoye have announced that their new album has recorded over a million sales in less than three weeks of its release. The album, titled ‘Danger’ was released on the 15th of September into the Nigerian market for sales.

Their manager, Jude Okoye, said, “We waited for four days after the official press brief before releasing it. The reason we did that was because we wanted to release 600, 000 copies at a go. We monitored the sales and kept calling our marketer to know the response it was getting. By the 8th day, over a million units had been pushed.”

Measuring the success against that of their third album, ‘Game Over’ which was recorded to have gone platinum also, the twins said they were not surprised about the sales but were rather disappointed. “We actually expected to cross over a million sales by the 4th day. ‘Game Over’ made a million in six days and we wanted to beat that record. Unfortunately, ‘Danger’ dragged until the 8th day,’ Jude explained while his brothers affirmed.

When the issue of actual statistics was raised, the group’s publicist, Sesan Adeniji said it was easy for one to estimate the sale of an art work. He said, “Most album sleeves are printed in Shomolu and that is where my office is.

At first 600, 000 sleeves were printed, then another 300,000, followed by 200, 000. And it’s since continued like that.” Peter added by reminding that for a marketer to admit having sold a huge figure, he (the marketer) realizes the consequence because it influences the royalties he will be paying them (owners of the work).

‘Danger’ is marketed in Nigeria by CN Media and is the fourth album of pop group P-Square..By Lolade Sowoolu

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