Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goje Africa Presenter, Nneka, delivers Baby boy

 Nneka and Isaac Moses are currently in a celebratory mood. Nneka just delivered a baby boy.Isaac shared the news on his facebook wall yesterday morning. “All honour and glory to God; my wife has delivered a beautiful baby boy. 

And just looking at him, I realize he is worth the long wait. So welcome baby Kamara Isaac Moses.” And their facebook wall has been taken over by goodwill and congratulatory messages from friends and well-wishers. 

Nneka and Isaac Moses are ambassador of culture and tourism with the television programme Goge Africa, they met on the set of movie called love in vendetta 1996, he was supposed to be her boyfriend on the movie and at the end of the day they carried the role beyond the set.

After her marriage to her husband, Isaac Moses years back, Nneka we gathered as been searching for the fruit of the womb endlessly until God now answered her prayers.

 Congrats to the family.

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