Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9ice set to drop new album "Versus"

Tradition, Abolore Akande's third album, was released in December 2009 and he's already done with a follow-up, called Versus. The album features 9ice versus a different artiste on each track.

Abolore Akande has reportedly taken solace in music after his much publicised crashed marriage recently. Those who should know stated that 9ice has completed 13 tracks, which are expected to be released with the album entitled Versus.

Further investigation conducted by Klieglights showed that 9ice, who has been working on the album while he completed his current album, Tradition, worked with various Nigerian artistes from Da Grin to M.I and thus decided to title the album Versus - meaning 9ice versus other Nigerian acts. 9ice, who has been sampling some of the songs on the just concluded album, said through his manager, Ola Dehinde that the album is expected for release before the end of next month. Though it is unsure if this is as a result of the alleged low sales in the much anticipated album, Tradition, close aides said that 9ice has over 50 songs in his kitty and could afford to release three albums consistently.

Some of the tracks on Versus are "Sarafawe - 9ice Vs M.I", "Loni Ni: 9ice Vs Dagrin", "Atamatase 9ice VS Mode9".

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