Friday, June 3, 2011

HipTV Joins HITV

Smarting from a slump in rating due largely to its disappearance from major television stations where it used to air, urban music channel, Hip TV, has made a clean break from the norm. Last Wednesday, HipTV started airing on its own 24-hour channel on home-grown satellite television, HiTV. Hip TV Channel 9 began programming at 8pm Nigerian time May 31.

Sources say the arrangement is a mutually beneficial one for both parties. While HiTv’s strength in the area of sports has been considerably weakened by the loss of rights to broadcast both the Premiership league and the UEFA Champions league, Hip TV, on the other hand, had always wanted a platform to reach a wider audience.

This was echoed by the executive producer of the wholly entertainment channel, Ayo Animashaun. “HipTV producers and HiTV are partnering to deliver superior entertainment news content to consumers and to a wider audience in Nigeria and the UK. This is a dream come true. Viewers should brace up for unprecedented programming and the kind of variety they’ve been asking for.”

Some of the programmes that endeared HipTV to television buffs include video profiling, documentaries, interviews and segments like‘Caught Out There’, ‘I Thought You Knew’ and ‘Dead Curious’. Animashaun is also the founder of Hiphop World Awards and Hiphop World Magazine.

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